Lori Joseph

Author & Teacher

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Something magical happens when you see a person's eye's light up or hear the excitement in their voice. You become aware of your connectivity and how you can make someone's day just a little bit better.

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I love connecting with people and believe we accomplish great things when open to countless opportunities. Do you want to know a Fun Fact? I am an ordinary person. I put my boots on one foot at a time.

Several years ago, I invited people from all walks of life to send me a one-sentence self-description. I never anticipated what that little exercise would produce.

I received a list of what read as eulogies from professional business leaders, educators, and students, to stay-at-home Moms; I was stunned to read that most people wrote from a final point of view. The absence of hope in their response has contributed to my mission of helping individuals and groups discover their ability to play and discover ways to live a more attentive life.

The Ashes to Art Workshop and Seventy-Five, Connectivity Through the Ages Workshop were designed to provide participants with ways to connect with each other and their environment for a more meaningful life.

What do you see and think about when you slice into an orange?