Lori Joseph

My Embrace

 Inspring stories,thoughts and poems of living

 with fear, compassion, humor and love.

My Embrace is a relatable collection of stories, thoughts, and poems straight from the heart.
Lori Joseph openly shares her journey of navigating an authentic life and building sef-confidence through self-acceptance and forgivness while staying grounded in the natural world.

With reflections on the gifts we all possess, this book will inspire you to pause, to listen with intent, and to laugh and reflect on your own extraordinary journey.

Excerpt from the poem “Reflection”:

My life’s road map is in the mirror. By changing my thoughts, I witness immediate change. I can control how I act and respond, what I choose and don’t, love of life, projects.

Now and then we need a hug when we’re feeling most vulnerable. My Embrace offers reassurance and validation to take that next step towards your dreams. To Try.